Customer Guide

This page is for customers with valid Varnish subscriptions.

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Please send an email to for support, advice or questions about your Varnish subscription.

Please reach out to if you have any questions related to your level of subscription.


Technical documentation is available at

Access to the software repositories requires a valid username and password. Please reach out to if you have questions related to repository configuration.


For regular support requests, please send an email to

To speed up the process, we will often ask you to provide the output from a script called varnishgather. This script will gather relevant configuration and log entries from the system and archive it in a .tar.gz file. This file can then be sent along with the support request.

      1. Download the varnishgather script from our Github repository.
      2. Upload the file to your Varnish system.
      3. Log in as root.
      4. Run it.
      5. Make the output available to us (preferably by HTTP or email).

For critical support requests where SLA is needed, please contact us by phone (available 24/7).

Support review

Support review is a review of the current setup. When the review is done, we will deliver a report which will be presented in a phone conference where we go through the findings.

Typical findings are related to software versions, VCL configuration optimizations, parameter optimizations and kernel/operating system tuning related to Varnish performance and stability.

The review is done based on the output from varnishgather. The procedure in the support section explains how you can provide us with the output from the gather, which is what’s needed to get started.

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