Varnish Software launches managed service offering to broaden access to high-performance CDNs

Fully managed service offering allows organizations with limited technical resources to deploy industry-leading CDN solution

Stockholm, Sweden – February 9, 2021 – Varnish Software, the recognized leader in high-performance digital content distribution, today announced the launch of a new fully managed service offering, enabling a much wider range of organizations to access its enterprise-grade CDN solutions.

Varnish Managed Services provides customers with a tailored, fully managed service for running Varnish Enterprise Private CDN, where the CDN is deployed, maintained and run 24/7 by a dedicated team of Varnish experts.

As a premium software solution and service model, Varnish Managed Services is designed for enterprises that want to benefit from their own private CDN, without any added complexity of deploying or maintaining it. Because the service is managed and supported end-to-end by Varnish Software, it’s a dedicated private CDN that’s optimized for specific, business-critical needs, with the convenience of plug-and-play.

The solution offers enterprises the shortest route to realizing the benefits of a private CDN, such as better performance, greater flexibility and stronger privacy, without adding HR or operational overheads, freeing up team time to work on core business.

The Varnish Managed Services team – comprised of many of the engineers who built the software itself – becomes an extension of the customer’s team and completely manages the Varnish Enterprise CDN. From deploying, running and maintaining the service full time, to handling routing, scaling, upgrades and integrations, this team is on hand and can be contacted 24/7 via a dedicated Slack channel.

Lars Larsson, CEO, Varnish Software said: Whether you’re an organization with a smaller IT team or a high-growth scale-up looking to outsource the management of technical growing pains, Varnish Managed Services enables you to access all of the benefits of a private CDN with the convenience of a commercial plug-and-play solution.

Varnish Managed Services will significantly lower the barriers to entry for organizations looking to adopt high-performance Private CDN, dramatically improving the quality of experience for content consumers. As more and more organizations look to leverage the network edge, the need for flexible CDN solutions with predictable pricing will continue to rise. There is enormous appetite for the benefits of our enterprise grade solution if we make it easier to adopt, and with a fully managed service offering, that’s exactly what we are doing,” Larsson added.

For organizations wondering whether they can make do with a commercial CDN, there is now another, more attractive option to consider. Varnish Managed Services combines the same convenience with:

  • The ability to choose edge server location
  • The freedom to optimize for specific use cases
  • Total control over infrastructure
  • Dedicated hosting with no service sharing
  • Flexible SLAs for dialing support up and down
  • Customizable edge logic

The solution is now available; more information about Varnish Managed Services can be found at: [link needed]


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Varnish Software’s powerful caching technology helps the world’s biggest content providers deliver lightning-fast web and streaming experiences for huge audiences, without downtime or loss of performance.

Our solutions combine open-source flexibility with enterprise robustness to speed up media streaming services, accelerate websites and APIs, and enable global businesses to build custom CDNs, unlocking unbeatable content delivery performance and resilience. Our customers include Hulu, Emirates and Tesla, and our technology is powered by a caching layer that’s trusted by more than 10 million websites worldwide.

Varnish Software has offices in London, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Singapore, Stockholm, Oslo and Paris.


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